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Leed Platinum

Altman Eco Office is the first building in Argentina to win the pre-certified LEED Core & Shell Platinum Award 2009 with 84 points out of a possible total of 110.

This pre-certification is a validation that the project makes use of sustainable recycling strategies with the materials used in the development of the work until its completion.

It is the fifth project in the world to be presented with the 2009 version.

The choice of materials used is vital in creating a sustainable construction due to the extensive production process, the extraction of the materials and transport required. Altman Eco Office opted for regionally sourced materials for its construction, since the use of materials from nearby regions supports the local economy and reduces transportation costs and therefore pollution.

To achieve this certification it was necessary for Green Buildings Sustainability Consulting Group to conduct energy surveys on the building site by analyzing different variables to achieve the highest possible savings.

Altman EcoOffice 2013 is leading the market in Argentina, setting new heights for professionals, developers and those who believe in sustainability as a model to ensure the welfare of natural resources for future generations.